Friday, 14 September 2007

Anna & Natasha

Today's Oz (pages 6 & 7) provides two typical examples of the print media's presentation of Australian women in politics. In the case of Anna Bligh, the heading "Why the 'first bloke' changed his name" introduces Andrew Fraser's ramble about Bligh's struggle with bureaucracy to name her first child. The story about Stott-Despoja "Paid maternity leave bill is senator's baby" - Cath Hart - waffles on about her baby-handling skills.
The substance of each story (Bligh's partner's role in government, and Stott-Despoja's paid maternity leave legislation) is hidden in the subtext.
Looks as if they start with the pictures, and build the story from that - same technique is used by successful children's authors. Maybe each should consider a career change. There's money in kid's books.

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