Friday, 28 September 2007

Dr Karl

I’m sure, dear Blogger, that you’ve heard Dr Karl Kruszelnicki’s interesting and lively chats on Auntie. He is a great communicator, and possesses a quirky sense of humour. He’s also a great debunker of popular myths, including the one about the boiling frog. (You know the one – put a frog in cold water and slowly heat it and the frog won’t notice and will eventually be boiled alive). It’s a useful metaphor – often employed to illustrate unperceived creeping threat or change – but according to Dr Karl it’s complete bunkum. Apparently the frogs experts (can’t remember the right term) explain that the frog simply hops out when the water gets uncomfortably hot.

Well, anyway, the esteemed Doctor, second only in the celebrity stakes to that other Doctor (Who – of course) is standing for the senate representing the Climate Change Coalition in NSW.

It’s unlikely he’ll get in, apparently.

I hope he does. He’d liven up the senate no end.

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