Unapologetic insolence from an aging subversive

Unapologetic insolence from an aging subversive

Saturday, 11 September 2021

Israel and Delta

                                           Pic courtesy WSJ

Israel's experience with the Delta strain of the virus, and the success or otherwise of its vaccination programme is instructive for Australia, given the likely rocky road ahead on the road map set out by the PM and the NSW Premier.

As this is written, Israel is dealing with a third wave of the virus, specifically the Delta variant. On September 9th 2021, Israel reported 5861 new cases and 6 new deaths. This contrasted with the situation in 2020 when the country went into lockdown averaging 4000 new daily infections, and daily deaths reached a high of 101 on January 20th 2021.

So the rate of infection is higher in 2021, but the death rate lower. The other change since a few months ago is that the lockdowns in Israel were lifted prior to the increased rate of infections.

Because we are not comparing like with like in two aspects (a different more infectious variant and lighter restrictions) it is difficult to come to definite conclusions, but some things seem evident.

1.  More people are becoming infected, but fewer are being hospitalised and dying.
2.  The lockdowns were effective in reducing transmission, and lifting them has increased transmission.
3. More people are recovering, but it is too early to understand the nature of that recovery.

All of this suggests caution. 

This caution should emanate not only from the figures above, but also from the possibility (or likelihood) that new variants will emerge. That is, after all, how viruses behave.

Vaccination is not the silver bullet, but it does seem to help. It needs to be remembered that even in Israel, only 61.1% of people are fully vaccinated. 

That doesn't bode well for Australia, where the figure stands at 32.6% fully vaccinated as this is posted.


Anonymous said...

Some interesting reading on the Vaccine can be found on the TDA site which indicates as many deaths as were recorded in Vietnam, occurred after being vaccinated and complaints received.
Of course they only admit that 9 deaths were directly related to the jab "after investigation". The method of investigating deaths with the jab and deaths with covid are totally different. With covid means they don't look for an alternative reason for death.
with vaccination they look for every possible reason to exclude the death from their numbers.

Anonymous said...

Have a read on the most positive Vaccination rate per capita and the results...Gibraltar.

Not pushing a point just thought you may not have seen it.

1735099 said...

with vaccination they look for every possible reason to exclude the death from their numbers.
Who is "they" and why would "they" do this?
More conspiracy theories?

1735099 said...

Not pushing a point just thought you may not have seen it.
What point are you "not pushing?"

Anonymous said...

"Who is "they" and why would "they" do this?" They would be the people responsible for recording the findings in the report put out by the responsible Government body the Therapeutic Goods Administration which can be found at https://www.tga.gov.au/periodic/covid-19-vaccine-weekly-safety-report
Merely an observation of facts supplied. If you go a little deeper in researching the site you will find all the detail. 43 pages I believe. If you can find a conspiracy of sorts among the reports of the TGA, please let us know.

Not pushing a point means I am not debating, arguing or trying to influence your thinking. In this instance it was merely information that you may not be aware of that you may be interested in when next you comment or write a post on the subject.

You really should comment on the content rather than beat around the bush with inane questions. It is a standard practice of someone with little substance to continue with.

1735099 said...

If you can find a conspiracy of sorts among the reports of the TGA, please let us know.

Whoopee-do! You've answered the first question.
Now answer the second - the "why" question.
You're the one beating around the bush.
Come out in the open and answer a third question.
Do you believe the TGA is engaged in some kind of conspiracy, and if so, why?

Anonymous said...

In case you didn't notice, Bobby, you were the one talking conspiracies. My comment suggests that you should point out where among the factual reports by TGA that might be.
Since I merely pointed out factual reports and apparent different methodology used without any accusations of "conspiracy", in order to keep you informed, why have you headed off at a tangent in order to avoid comment? You could have just read up on it and said nothing rather than attempt to "shoot the messenger".
Since I did not suggest conspiracy (you did) The "why" question on your part is irrelevant and makes no sense. How would I know the answer to your allegation of conspiracy?

Given your understanding or otherwise of the application of the statistics gleaned from the information I gave you to check and your suspicion of conspiracy, perhaps you should be asking yourself Q.3.

Bad, no, really bad form from the blog owner.

1735099 said...

No you were.
You suggested it first in your post on 13 Sept at 12:46 with this statement - with vaccination they look for every possible reason to exclude the death from their numbers.
You are inferring that "they" (I'm assuming the Therapeutic Goods Administration) are looking for "every possible reason to exclude the death from their numbers", which can mean only that there is some kind of organised effort to manipulate the statistics. This is exactly the same rubbish pushed by the anti-vaxxers across the Pacific and here, especially Craig Kelly.
This is snide, untruthful and dangerous. What possible reason can the TGA have for manipulating cause of death statistics?

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