Unapologetic insolence from an aging subversive

Unapologetic insolence from an aging subversive

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Fire and Fury

Pic courtesy Toofab

I've just finished this book, gentle reader.

You're not allowed to ask me how I got my hands on a copy.

Suffice to say, I have generous friends across the Pacific.

I will, however buy the thing when it hits the bookstores here - it's a riveting piece of work, and in many ways, horrifying. It is a must have in any library.

Even if it's only 10% accurate, what is described as Trump's conduct and the machinations of members of Trump's inner circle is at the same time bizarre, delusional and frightening.

Trump comes across as semi-literate, completely self absorbed, and with the attention span of a five year-old. In fact, much of his behaviour is toddler-like. It's all there - tantrums, a need for instant gratification, and more id than ego.

His family are milking his position for all that it is worth, and following disparate (mostly selfish) agendae of their own. The inner circle leaks like a sieve, because nobody trusts anybody - family included.

Mind you, when you look at his turnover of staffers and his incapacity to honour his election promises, the book sits very well with the facts of the history of his "accomplishments" so far.

He's managed to get one conservative judge appointed, but there is no Mexican wall, the Affordable Care Act has not been repealed, and the bulk of the rest of his promises, have stalled. He has granted his billionaire mates extensive tax cuts, but when you read the fine print, despite all the hype, they won't benefit middle class Yanks in any major fashion.

There have been a few grand gestures (Jerusalem), but even that has had largely negative consequences.

But for me, the issue is how somebody so demonstrably unfit for office can wield so much power.

Like a few of my generation, I felt the backhand of US policy in SE Asia, when our weak kneed government followed it back in the sixties and seventies. God help Australia, if a Trump tantrum involves us in something similar.

We can only hope that he is managed.

Incidentally, much of the energy consumed in the White house at the moment seems to be directed towards that - managing a loose cannon who responds mostly to self-absorbed whimsy, and takes everything personally.

He chews up staffers at an amazing rate.

Let's continue to hope that there are some strong and dedicated people able to keep him in check. the consequence of his escaping the long leash, are terrifying.

In the meantime, read the book. Make sure you have a strong drink handy......

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