Saturday, 9 January 2016

All Aboard

Poster's not all that clear - but intention is.

There's been a lot of ranting and raving about "political correctness" lately on some of the far Right media.

Much of it has been directed at the senior service, specifically towards a long serving strategic adviser Captain Mona Shindy, who just happens to belong to the Muslim faith.

The fact that a Muslim, especially a female Muslim, is a member of the ADF is obviously very hard for some to swallow, but when she shows that she has the audacity to hold opinions different from theirs, apoplexy sets in.

Those same members of the media Right have been very quiet about a scandal that has erupted around HMAS Perth, and a National party fundraiser.

Read all about it here. The poster above had been in circulation briefly before it all hit the fan. Apologies for the lack of definition in the pic, but it reads in part -

I invite you to a unique luncheon experience with Nationals WA leadership on board the Australian Navy vessel HMAS Perth which includes a tour of HMAS Stirling.... 

The choice of "unique" is a pretty fair descriptor. It's not every day that a very expensive  Australian military asset is used as a venue for a political fundraiser. We're talking $1000 per head - nothing but the best when it comes to the WA Nationals.

I fail to detect any wails of indignation from those who pilloried Captain Shindy for alleged political bias. You can't tell me that the skipper of the Perth had all this sprung on him without agreeing to host it.  

I wonder if he still has a twitter account?


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