Friday, 4 December 2015

Kent State

I wonder how many generation X-ers and Millenials have heard of the Kent State shootings.

I must ask my kids.

At the time it happened I was on operation Concrete somewhere near the border of Long Khanh and Phuoc Provinces.

I remember hearing about the shootings on AFVN radio.

Back then, it seemed impossible that American Uni students could be killed by gunfire from National Guard troops in the sanctuary of their university.

Given the bloody history of shootings, both institutionalised and criminal, in the US since, it no longer seems remarkable.

I was listening to Neil Young the other day, and the song triggered some memories.

I will, gentle reader, share them with you, with two fervent hopes.

The first is that if you were around in May 1970 that you were living in peace and harmony and that the memories are good ones.

The second is that we never see the likes of that again, here, or in the US.

Anyway, enjoy the music..........

Update: I did ask my kids.
Only one (eldest daughter) had a clear understanding of the event, and she had learned about it from her US on-line buddies.
Youngest daughter had no knowledge, but did remember Neil Young's song - but then, she's very much into music.
Eldest son remembered the Pulitzer winning image, but wasn't sure of the context.
Youngest son had heard of Kent State, but again was ignorant of the context, and he's the history buff.

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