Friday, 18 September 2015

Spring on the MacIntyre

Wattle - Look at what it grows in.

My travels this week took me to the MacIntyre district, that slice of country where the Queensland border dips south for a bit, and between the lean green hungry country of the Granite Belt to the north east, and the brown rolling downs to the north west.

It's a pleasantly different part of the south west, apparently resembling areas in Texas, USA.

That is, according to oral history, how the town was named.

I lived and worked for a time in both Inglewood and Goondiwindi, so the area is, for me, rich with nostalgia.That was over 45 years ago. Both Texas and I have changed a bit since then.

What hasn't changed about that part of the world is the display of spring wildflowers.

The contrast between the brown hues of the often rocky countryside and the colorful blooms of the roadside plants is frequently stunning.

There's verbena and wattle. The verbena are regarded by some as a pest, but I'm told they're harmless. If there are any cow cockies out there with a better idea, let me know. My ignorance of botany is boundless.


(Taken with my trusty Sony Xperia).

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