Sunday, 30 August 2015


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There's something about this decision that smells strongly of spite.

This young woman is married, and was in community detention in Brisbane. Her application for asylum had been rejected, and in August she was moved from Brisbane to a Detention Centre in Darwin.

She had escaped Iran to avoid a forced marriage (to a 60 year old) .

She had fled Iran with her brother in 2012 on a boat from Indonesia.

She was studying for her Year 12 certificate at Yeronga State High School.

Here are a few questions for the Minister, Peter Dutton -

1. Why was her application for asylum rejected?
2. Why was she moved to Darwin?
3. Was she considered a security risk?
4. Is it assumed she married to gain an Australian visa?
5. Were these decisions made out of spite, or de d├ęcourager les autres?

So far, there has been a deafening silence from the Minister's office.

Sometimes I think we are governed by pure malice.

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