Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Some Fact Checking

We don't have fact checking websites in this country - yet.

More's the pity.

In the interests of publishing accurate information about the actions of the LNP government, I've found this list (prepared by Ray Marx) which reveals the true extent of the cuts across the state and the full range of agencies.

Of particular concern to me is No 17 ( In home Support services for severely disabled people cut  – early July), No 22 (Qld Health - Rural and Remote Health Office in QH “axed”), and No 41 (Funding for high care disabled - On C. Newman’s facebook page –22/07/2012).

There's also Nos 46 & 47 -  Planned Family support program for families of people with disabilities to be cut (email from ASU member Toowoomba - 25.7.12 and NDIS - Campbell Newman refuses to sign up for National disability insurance scheme - 24.7.12)

You'll need a fair slice of time to read it.

Remember the statement from Newman before the election?

"Public servants have nothing to fear from an LNP government"

He probably hopes you don't.....

He made some promises about people with disabilities. I haven't seen any of them yet. What I have seen is a massive withdrawal of services, none of which were heralded before the election.

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