Sunday, 29 April 2012

Finally Finished

It's finally finished. The hardtop I mean.

Yeah, I know that's very poor English, but it covers the ground.

Getting this thing to the point where I was happy with it has taken nine months. Actually getting it home intact after buying it (from a vendor in Melbourne) was the biggest hassle.

The problems didn't stop there. It didn't fit well, and I had plenty of fiddle with the adjustments of the clamps that hold it down. It was trial and error, and there was much more error initially than trial.

The painting went OK, except that the guy doing the job had difficulty in reseating the rear window after he removed it.

He had to call in a windscreen specialist to get it right, and even then I wasn't happy with the way the beading settled at one corner. A few grams of Araldite with a lump of wood wedged against the garage holding it in place whilst it dried overnight did the trick.

The whole thing comes off in about one minute. Then you have a convertible for when the weather's good.

Now I need a storage solution for the hardtop.


cav said...

Ezy, store it in ya bedroom

1735099 said...

Occasionally your advice is dangerous.

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