Monday, 9 April 2012

Bolt Bitten on the Bum

Why her? Do an image search under "selling hate" and she pops up every time.

There’s a right old furore going on in the Rightwing blogosphere about Anita Heiss’ “Am I Black Enough for You?”

After all, how dare a woman who identifies as indigenous ask such a question?

How dare she challenge the worn and dishevelled stereotype of a black female?

Shouldn’t she be living in squalor on a remote community somewhere which large chunks of her income quarantined?

How dare she aspire to the same comforts and lifestyle shared by her non-indigenous sisters? How dare she be successful in her chosen field? How dare she inspire young indigenous kids to be writers?

She really doesn’t know her place.

This furore (essentially organised and promoted by the person who was caught out using half-truth, bigotry and slander as a weapon of choice against her and others) exposes the ignorance and envy which hides just below the surface of modern Australia.

The supreme irony is that Anita Heiss is likely to do very well out of it.

Any aspiring author knows that a profile is necessary to ensure healthy sales of any book. She certainly has that profile now.

I doubt the Mouth from the South had that in mind when he put fist to keyboard in 2009.

I guess there are always unintended consequences when you refine and parcel fear and hate, and then set about aggressively marketing it, sheltered by a corporation that thinks ethics is a village in Greece.

I'll let Anita Heiss have the last say.

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