Unapologetic insolence from an aging subversive

Unapologetic insolence from an aging subversive

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Putting it in Perspective

Couldn't find a pic of a digger

Given the continuing North Atlantic (US and Europe) financial crisis, this website puts one way of spending money in perspective.

Iraq has cost over the US $800 billion so far. It will be interesting to see what the final bill will be by the time they leave at the end of the year.

The war is "won" apparently, but Iraqis are still dying at the rate of over 200 per month. This is no longer reported in the MSM. It's not news.

It would be a fascinating exercise to post the same figures for Australia, and to break it down state by state and city by city.

By 2007, Iraq had already cost us more than $3 billion.

That was four years ago, and we've had Afghanistan since then. 


cav said...

My son heads off to Afghanistan 'in a few weeks time', I can't pin him down to the exact date.

Unlike you and I who had 12 months training before we went to Vietnam, he has been training for four years and you will understand this when I tell you that he and his mates are really looking forward to going.

This was certainly my attitude prior to my Vietnam service because I didn't want my training to go to waste and more importantly I didn't want to let my mates down.

I'm sure it was the same for you 1735099.

My son has a way of expressing himself on paper and I'm hoping he may write about his experiences.

1735099 said...

Wish him the best from me Cav, and tell him to keep his head down.

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