Unapologetic insolence from an aging subversive

Unapologetic insolence from an aging subversive

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Sold out.....

Jellybeans on the signing tablecloth

Sometimes you should just trust your judgement.

Yesterday before the launch the manager at Mary Ryan's in town told me she needed to stock only one box (60 copies) of Jellybeans in the Jungle. I was pretty sure that wouldn’t be enough, and that was before the WIN interview, the ABC interview, and the piece in the local rag.

By 1pm they were sold out, and when I wandered back at 3pm to pick up the Jellybeaned patterned tablecloth, (pic) she asked me how soon I could deliver more copies.

There were jellybeans on the tablecloth and bowls of jellybeans on the signing table.

I don’t know what became of them (those in the bowls that is).

The tablecloth will be returned to the school library I borrowed it from on Monday. I’d better give them a complementary copy. They were very helpful. I spied the jellybeans whilst attending a meeting with teaching colleagues, and they seemed to fit in visually with the theme. I’ve had a lot of trouble explaining that the book is not a kid’s story.

After reading the title and learning that it was written by a teacher, most jump to that conclusion.

It was great to have two mates from 5 Platoon at the signing, as well as the principal (over eighty and still going strong) who got me back on the rails as a teacher after RTA. Ian Macfarlane was generous. It’s pity there aren’t a few more in parliament as straight and genuine as he is.

The cheque for over a grand at the end of the day was also OK……

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Boy on a bike said...

Nice going - must remember to order my copy.

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