Unapologetic insolence from an aging subversive

Unapologetic insolence from an aging subversive

Friday, 8 October 2010


I planted this 12 months ago.

It's done well.


cav said...

What isit?

A callistemon ........

I bet you've lost the bloody tag.

1735099 said...

I told you - it's a bloody Bottlebrush.

Callistemon Wildfire if you want to be picky......and I don't lose stuff - hire car companies nick it....

cav said...

Callistemon viminalis var., wildfire?

Never heard of it?

Does it have droopy branches?

1735099 said...

Just for you - this is what's on the tag. I got wet retreiving it - it's pissing down here. You owe me a beer -

(C. viminalis x comboynensis)
Description - This ornamental shrub produces dense
clusters of bright red flower spikes in spring. with spoor flowering at other times.
USES: Ideal screening plant or hedge plant.
The flowers attract nectar feeding birds.
POSITION: Callistemons are hardy. adaptable
shrubs. which grow in the poorest soils.
Will withstand waterlogging for extended
periods. moderate coastal exposure and short
periods of dryness. Grows best in moist soils.
and flowers best in full sun.
CARE: Lightly prune behind spent flowers
every year to achieve dense, bushy growth. Old neglected, woody plants can be pruned hard.

PLANTING: Cultivate soil before planting.
Dig hole twice the width of the container.
Remove plant from container and place into
The whole so the soil level is the same as the surrounding
ground. Fill hole firmly and water in well even if the soil is moist.

cav said...

I used to sell trees in the 70s. I lived in Mathoura and worked with the Forestry Commission. A nice part of the world.

Callistomen viminalis is a drooping bottlebrush which just happens to be my favourite. I planted a row of them and they looked terrific.

What has happened is that there are many hybrids now and you never know what you are getting. Kinda like getting a dog.

As they grow taller, they shouldn't get too big, they have a nice droopy foliage.

How am I doin' so far?

1735099 said...

Another coincidence. My first job (at age 15) was in the Forestry Department in Qld. I lasted a year and went back to school when I decided it wasn't leading anywhere. No sweat, because I started school at age 4.

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