Unapologetic insolence from an aging subversive

Unapologetic insolence from an aging subversive

Wednesday, 13 February 2008


We each have our own unique view of today’s apology to the Stolen Generations.

I saw it as long overdue, but in the end a very simple process. The media hype has been over the top, which was I suppose to be expected.

I wasn’t there, but was able to watch the direct telecast. It reminded me (viewing it on the small screen) of the “Welcome Home” march in 1987.

What these two events had in common was their symbolism, the recognition of a small but very identifiable group by the wider community, and the deep emotionality of each occasion. Australians are not prone to mass displays of emotion, so when they do occur, they’re noteworthy.

The most significant theme of each activity was a quest for reconciliation. This quest is of critical importance, because without achieving it we won’t move on.

It happened today.

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