Unapologetic insolence from an aging subversive

Unapologetic insolence from an aging subversive

Monday, 10 December 2007

Adventures in the Blogosphere

Because I'm a Vietnam Veteran, and have witnessed the havoc that modern firearms can wreak, I have strong opinions about gun control. I've also served alongside Americans, and am familiar with their trigger-happy behaviour.
As you're probably aware, there are a large number of pro-gun sites lurking in the blogosphere, and occasionally I post my dissenting opinions on these. I understand that this is a free country and healthy debate about matters of security is important. There are other sites where I do the same, but the responses go nowhere near the extremes of hate, fear and vilification generated by dissenting opinions on the pro gun sites. They range from name calling through all manner of homophobic garbage to physical threats.
There's a lesson there somewhere. A forensic psychologist would have a field day with these people.
Most recently, I found my comments were accepted but altered to the point of absurdity, before I was finally banned from posting. Some of the material is posted below, with the italics indicating where my post was altered. The words in quotes were taken from previous posts.

"Arrogant old fools"
Yes, I'm old enough to have lived and learned. Be patient - it will happen. It's called "The getting of wisdom". Not that I have any--being pompous and condescending is a good substitute though.
Obviously name-calling is a handy substitute for logic and common sense, just as being a superior being allows me to totally ignore the evidence provided by a wide range of agencies.
"Foisted on us"
These laws aren't "foisted" - they're the policy of government democratically elected. The fact that it's democratically elected means it can never, ever be wrong or be captured by vociferous lobby groups. The "us" referred to is well in the minority in this country and minority groups can be safely ignored, unless of course they're gay or ethnic minorities.
Obviously, democracy is a concept not well understood by the gun lobby.
Democracy means the majority is always right and can therefore trample on the rights of free citizens at will.
If "gun laws are so much in advance of ours why are those of you who are Australian residents still here?
The "facts" you quote are something else entirely. The gun lobby long ago cornered the market in dodgy "research". I'd be perfectly happy to take the cited examples apart but since I know I'm absolutely right, that would be a wasted effort.
It won't be long before the legal system begins to develop a voice. A few successful class actions will change policy.
After Vietnam Veterans developed the Agent Orange action, which provides a model, it's only a matter of time. My personal experience of that process provides me with optimism, because I've never yet met a lawyer who didn't begin salivating at the words "class action".

And as of today we see another report -

"Four now confirmed dead in Colorado shootings" - and again and again and again............

God help America - home of the brave, land of the free - last haven of the lunatic.

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