Monday, 1 October 2007

Daylight Raving

Once again, the daylight saving debate is being given a workout.
I'm not sure where the push is coming from, but it has a white shoe flavour to it.

I spent about five years in Mount Isa, arriving there well after an abortive DLS trail. The locals were still telling tales of going for walks at 9 o'clock at "night" wearing hats and sunscreen. Teachers talked about schools full of cranky kids who hadn't had enough sleep. The hotter the weather, the crankier the kids and their parents.

The proponents typically live in the South-East corner, and I'm not sure that they have much knowledge of geography outside this corner. Queensland is pretty big. It's about 1500km at its widest point measured from Peoppel Corner to Sandy Cape. Mount Isa is further to the west than Melbourne. Cairns is due north of Canberra.

If the difference in time zones is such an issue for the commercial world, that sector can make the necessary adjustments in terms of how they organise their businesses. Leave schools, families and kids out of it.

We are fortunate in Queensland to already enjoy plenty of sunshine. If it ain't broke............

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